Beetle News

July 2, 2017

The 2017 racing season began with the traditional July 4th Cup race, and, as tradition would have it, Bill Boll won the day with two firsts and two seconds.  Jason Gefaell came in second for the day with two firsts, a second and a ninth. Nonie Price sailing consistently well came in third with a total of 15 points.

July 9, 2017

On the first Sunday of the July series, Bill Boll, sailing with his wife Ginger Crawford, continued his winning ways by taking two firsts and a second in the three races, winning the day with 3.5 points. Jason Gefaell came in second again with a first, second and third, and Chuck Delamater came in third for the day with 8 points.

July 16, 2017

In heavy air on the third pond, several boats reefed, Bill Boll won the day in Vigah Too with a first and two seconds. Nonie Price wrestled her boat, About Time, into second for the day with a fourth, a third and first. Andy Sherman-Ash sailed Bumpo into third-place for the day with a fifth, a first and a fourth. Everyone was relieved to get back to the dock after a such a gusty day.

July 23, 2017

July 23 was an exciting day because in addition to the regular Beetle races, Weekapaug had the annual team-racing competition with the Watch Hill Yacht Club for the Watch Hill Cup. Four skippers (Bruce Avery, Scott Brooks, Dwight Ellis and Peter Evans) from the Watch Hill Yacht Club team raced a total of seven skippers (Geri Abdoo, Bill Boll, Ricard Chase, Chuck Delamater, Steve Glovinsky, Nonie Price and Andy Sherman-Ash) in three close-fought races from which Weekapaug emerged victorious. Way to go WYC team! In the three regular series races, which went off after the team races, skippers who raced in a team race got the average of their finishes for the first two weeks of July plus the points they earned in the the races they raced in. A little confusing, but the results were not: Bill Boll was first for the day with 3.31 points, Richard Chase was second with 7.75 points and Steve Glovinsky and Chuck Delamater tied for third with 10.97 points.

July 29, 2017

On Saturday, July 29, the final races of the July series was called off (actually it was postponed) because of high winds of 20-30 knots. Therefore, the scores of the first three races in July determined the winners of the July series. Everyone was the awards ceremony was shocked, shocked that Bill Boll won July with a total of 11.56 points. Richard Chase, with his steady crew Anne Earle, came in second with 33.75 points with Nonie Price nipping his heels with a third-place finish for July with 36.97 points.

July 30, 2017

On Sunday, July 30, the races postponed the previous day were sailed on a near-perfect day in moderate air on the second pond. Because the July series trophies had been given the evening before, the races on this day did not count for the July or August series, but did count for the full season totals. Only four boats hit the starting line for three races. In a huge upset, Julia Bradford and ancient crew Charlie Warner won the second race, and Chuck Delamater won the first and third races. Both Geri Abdoo and Carol Carmody, sailing with Susan Kelly, sailed well and graciously on a delightful day.

August 6

In moderate air with some heavier gusts and huge wind shifts, a confused fleet of nine boats hit the starting line on the third pond for the first races of the August series. Steve Glovinsky, with his crew Amy Wiatrowski, figured out the wind shifts and had a first, a third and a second to win the day with 5.75 points. Bill Adams, sailing with his wife, Liz, came in second for the day with a fourth, a first and a fourth, and Julia Bradford led around three marks in the first two races and came in third for the day with a second, a fourth and a sixth.

August 13, 2017

While Steve Glovinsky was sailing to glory by winning the men’s division in the Leo Telesmanick Championship at the Edgewood Yacht Club in Cranston, RI, eight WYC Beetles hit the starting line in very shifty air on the third pond. Ninety degree shifts confused most of the sailors, but Bill Boll managed to judge the shifts well and had two firsts, a third and a fourth to win the day with 8.75 points. Richard Chase, as usual, sailed consistently well and got 11.75 points with a fourth, a first, a second and a fifth. Young Lucas Wiatrowski, who usually crews for Geri Abdoo, skippered Geri’s Beetle like a pro and came in third for the day with 15 points with a third, a second, a seventh and a third. Congratulations to Lucas for an excellent performance in his first Beetle skippering role, and congratulations to Geri for her generosity and encouraging Lucas to sail her boat.

August 20, 2017

On the second pond in medium air that was so shifty that the courses had to be changed between every race, Bill Adams figured out the shifts better than anyone and won the day with a first and two seconds. Richard Chase was close behind for the day with a a first and two thirds. New comer Max Aurland, sailing with Tracey Riley in Zelko, also was smart about the shifts with a first, a fourth and a fifth. Congratulations, Max, it was good to have you in the fleet and sailing so well. It was also good to see Lucas Wiatrowski skippering Geri Abdoo’s boat well again.

August 26, 2017

For the last races of the 2017 August series on the third pond in medium air, Bill Boll, sailing with his wife, Ginger Crawford, had two firsts and a second to win the day handily with 3.5 points. It was good to welcome Jason Gefaell back on the pond after being absent for most of the summer, and sailing with his mother and then with his son, Jason had a fifth, a first and a second to come in second for the day with 7.75 points on a long, well-set modified Olympic course. Bill Adams, sailing with his wife, Liz, his regular crew, sailed consistently well and had a second, a fourth and a third, for nine points.

The August series was won by Bill Adams with Bill Boll coming in second and Richard Chase taking home a third-place trophy for the month.

For the entire 2017 season, the first-place trophy went to Bill Boll and his crew, Ginger Crawford; second-place iron went to Richard Chase and his steady crew, Anne Earl; and Nonie Price and her regular crew, Adam Wiatrowski, got third-place honors for the season.

Some of the most memorable trends of the 2017 season were several days of shifty winds, sometimes shifting 90 degrees and requiring re-setting marks and the courageous sailing of Carol Carmody and Susan Kelly, who won the Bradford Trophy for their “enthusiasm, good sportsmanship and cooperation” while sailing in spite of devastating personal losses.

September 4, 2017

The Labor Day Cup races were originally scheduled for Sunday,, September 3, but foul weather and high winds caused the postponement one day. Monday the 4th was Labor Day and a beautiful day on the third pond with medium-heavy, shifty air. Nonie Price with her regular crew Adam Wiatrowski, sailed brilliantly on a long course and had two firsts and a second to come away with some well-earned Labor Day Cup hardware. Richard Chase, sailing with his regular crew, Anne Earl, nipped at Nonie’s heels in all three races and came in second for the day with two seconds and a first. Dave Bryant, sailing with his mother, Ruth, took third place for the day, nosing out Lucas Wiatrowski, sailing Geri Abdoo’s boat with his crew Susan Kelly.

Congratulations to all who sailed during the 2017 season. Good friendships and sportsmanship reigned supreme for the season that did not have a single protest. Everyone had fun.