Beetle News

July 3, 2016

The 2016 Beetle racing season started on July 3, a beautiful sunny day in moderate air, with the 4th of July Cup Race. Everyone was shocked, shocked when Bill Boll won all three races in virtual horizon jobs. Nonie Price with her regular crew, a slightly heavier Adam Wiatrowski this year, sailed consistently well and walked off with a second-place cup. WYC Rear Commodore John Kelly with his wife Susan sailed well, showing all that he belongs near the top of the fleet, came in third for the day. Steve Glovinsky in Oddball showed off a colorful new sail which he and Dick Newton were getting used to adjusting, but did go faster than Julia Bradford who also had a plain vanilla new sail.

John Kelly also announced at the annual Commodore’s BarBQ earlier in the day that the club would be introducing Thursday evening Beetle races, which Ted Sherman has kindly agreed to run. The purpose of the Thursday evening series is to have fun by creating an informal, less competitive atmosphere than the regular Sunday series and to encourage less experienced sailors and sailors who want to improve to race. Therefore, we will suspend the class rules that require a skipper and a crew and allow Beetle sailors to sail singlehandedly.

Furthermore, the WYC wants to encourage sailors who sail the new yacht club Quest boats, Sunfish, 420s, Lasers or Hobie Cats to sail along with the Beetles. If there are three of any class of boats (three Sunfish e.g.), Ted Sherman will have a separate start for those boats.

Please join us on Thursday evenings beginning July 7 for what should be a fun, friendly, fabulous frolic.

July 10, 2016

The first race in the 2016 July series was in the third pond in light-to-moderate, shifty air and overcast skies. Richard Chase sailing with Anne Earle won the day with excellent sailing — two firsts and a fourth. Bill Boll was second for the day with a fourth, a third and a first. The last race was classic Bill Boll. He recovered from a poor start in next to last place and steadily worked his way past the whole fleet. Nonie Price, continuing to sail consistently well came in third for the day with nine points, barely edging out Geri Abdoo, who had 10 points. John Kelly is an improved sailor this year, and had a second in the first race.

Please join us on Thursday evenings races at 6:30 p.m. We want to encourage sailors who sail the new yacht club Quest boats, Sunfish, 420s, Lasers or Hobie Cats to sail along with the Beetles. If there are three of any class of boats (three Sunfish e.g.), Ted Sherman will have a separate start for those boats.

July 17, 2016

Nine boats hit the starting line for four races on a beautiful Rhode Island July day in moderate, sometimes gusty air. After missing the previous week, Chuck Delamater, sailing with his niece, blew the rest of the fleet away with three firsts and a second for an incredibly low score of 4.25 for the day. Congratulations, Chuck! Richard Chase continued to sail consistently well, and Mr. Steady, with his crew Anne Earle, had a first and two seconds to finish the day in second place with a score of 8.75. A much improved John Kelly, sailing with his wife, Susan, came in third for the day with 18 points.

Even though the first two Thursday races have been cancelled due to fog, please join us this Thursday evening for races at 6:30 p.m. We want to encourage sailors who sail the new yacht club Quest boats, Sunfish, 420s, Lasers or Hobie Cats to sail along with the Beetles. If there are three of any class of boats (three Sunfish e.g.), Ted Sherman will have a separate start for those boats.

July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 24, was an exciting day on the second pond. In light-medium air in addition to three races consisting of the regular Beetle fleet, there were three team races in separate starts with three boats from the WYC team racing against three WYC Beetles skippered by three Watch Hill Yacht Club (WHYC) sailors.

In what has become an annual event, the WHYC/WYC Cup Race was held for this first time on Quonochontaug pond. Ted and Ricard Sherman ran the races flawlessly as six and then seven boats started in a three regular July series races. The team racing starts followed the regular fleet starts.

In the first team race, Scott Brooks (sailing in Julia Bradford’s Scamper II), Bill Lester (sailing in WYC club boat W 27) and WHYC Fleet Captain Peter Evans (sailing in WYC club boat B 007) sailed against a WYC team of Richard Chase, Steve Glovinsky and Julia Bradford. Scott Brooks sailed fast and won the race, Bill Lester was third and Peter Evans was sixth after Steve Glovinsky headed him off the the finish line to let Julia Bradford sneak in for a fifth. Watch Hill won the first team race with 10 points.

The second team race was a back-and-forth battle with Bill Boll winning for WYC, Scott Brooks for WHYC second and John Kelly sailing really well was third and Geri Abdoo was fourth giving the win to WYC.

In the third team race WHYC’s Bill Lester had to leave before the race, so ace WYC sailor Jason Gefaell demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and sailed on the WHYC team, which consisted of Jason, Scott Brooks and Peter Evans. The WYC Team of Bill Boll, Nonie Price and Chuck Delamater sailed well and won the third race with a first, second and fourth thus giving the cup to Weekapaug, which won two out of three team races.

In the fleet sailing, Bill Boll won race number one, Jason Gefaell won the second race and John Kelly won race number three, his first win of the year. Richard Chase and Chuck Delamater had seconds and continued to sail consistently well.

July 30

In the last day of races in the July series, held on Saturday, July 30, in light air on the third pond, Bill Boll had two firsts and a fourth to win the day and was able to zip past Richard Chase in the July series to win the month. Richard Chase had been in first place in the series coming into the Saturday races, but with a clutch performance Bill Boll won the day and the series with a total of 53.34 points. Richard Chase was second in the July series with 60.79 points. Nonie Price took home a third-place cup for July due to sailing very well and winning second for the day with a third, a first and a sixth (9.75 points). Sailing consistently well and for the first time in the July series, Will Magruder (Emily Smith’s new husband), came in a close third (10 points) for the day. Well done.

July saw some of the best competition in the Beetle fleet in years. Perennial winner Bill Boll had strong competition from Richard Chase and Nonie Price. Geri Abdoo and John Kelly were much improved and were not far behind Nonie Price for the month. Everyone is looking forward to a competitive, fun August.

August 7, 2016

The first day of races of the August series was on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in light-to-medium air on the third pond. Richard Chase blew everyone away with a spectacular performance of three firsts and a fifth for a total of 7.25 points. Bill Adams had consistently better finishes of 5, 4, 2 and 1 for 11.75 points for the day to finish second, and Andy Sherman-Ash with three thirds and a fourth finished in third place with 13 points. Eight Beetles participated in four races on an ideal sailing day as they chased Richard Chase around the modified triangle course.

August 14, 2016

On the second Sunday of the August series, nine Beetles started the first race in heavy air, and seven Beetles participated in the last two races – two safety-conscious sailors dropped out, probably because of light crews. Bill Boll, who loves heavy air, won all three races going away for a total of only 2.25 points. Three skippers tied for second place for the day with 12 points — Bill Adams, Steve Glovinsky and Julia Bradford. Nonie Price and Richard Chase each had 14 points on day when the heavy, shifty air caused many skippers to have trouble with their gear and with keeping their boats flat.

Before the races started, Rear Commodore John Kelly organized dropping flowers on the starting line in memory of our dear friend and enthusiastic Beetle sailor Kit Carmody.

August 21

Nine Beetle hit the starting line in the first race in the third pond in another day of heavy air. Jason Gefaell, sailing with his young nephew, Johnny Gefaell, won the first race in a horizon job. Feeling he needed a handicap for the second and third races, he sailed with Rogan and Mac Lester on his boat and came in second and then first for a point total of 3.5 for the day. Bill Boll had a third, a first and a third to come in second for the day. Bill Adams and Steve Glovinsky, with Dick Newton back as his crew, battled it out for second place for the day and tied with 11 points each. Bill had a fourth, a third and a fourth, and Steve had a second, a seventh and a second. Julia Bradford sailed well enough with Amy Wiatrowski as her crew to come in fourth for the day with 19 points. Nonie Price’s gaff boom got fouled up and the sail wrapped around her mast, so, unfortunately, she had to drop out of the second and third races. Ted Sherman sailed her boat back to the club, and as they came about in the lighter winds of the yacht club harbor, the gaff boom became unstuck, so no harm seemed to be done to the boat.

August 28

On Saturday, August 28, nine boats hit the starting line for the last day of the August 2016 series in moderate air in the third pond. In shifty air Bill Adams won the day with two seconds and two thirds. Bill Boll came in second for the day without winning a race, but sailing steadily with a a fifth, a fourth and two seconds. Nonie Price won two races, but came in eighth and third to come in third for the day. Jason Gefaell sailed with two young people in his boat and won two races, but he didn’t sail one race, which put him out of the top three. An interesting day that proved that winning isn’t everything, but good, consistent sailing is the key to success.

At the awards ceremony Saturday evening, Bill Adams got the first-place trophy for August, Steve Golvinsky got the second-place August trophy and Bill Boll brought home third-place iron. For the 2016 season, Richard Chase and his steady crew Anne Earle won first place honors, Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford came in second for the season and Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski came in third for the season. Julie Bradford won the Bradford Trophy for being the Beetle sailor who showed the most sportsmanship, enthusiasm and cooperation during the season. Nonie Price announced that the Weekapaug Yacht Club had won the Watch Hill Yacht Club Cup race to the cheers of the WYC crowd.

The 2016 season was a delightful one of friendly, sportsmanlike competition. The team races against a group of friendly Watch Hill races was fun and a flowery tribute to fellow Beetle sailor Kit Carmody was touching and heartfelt. Many Beetle sailors felt that 2016 might have been the most enjoyable Beetle sailing season yet — a tribute to close friendship and camaraderie of our family-oriented sailors.