Intermediate Optimist


Improve fundamental sailing skills and introduce intermediate sailing skills in light to moderate breezes. Introduction to Green Fleet racing. 


4-week or 8-week sessions

Previous Experience or Knowledge:

Completion of Advanced Beginner Optimist Class or demonstration of all skills in US Sailing Small Boat Sailor Certification Record Book through page 13.Sailors must be able to complete a swim test.

Sailors must be able to complete a swim test

Age Group:

Sailors must be 8 years old at start of class. Verification of birth date may be required.

Boat and equipment:

Optimist Dinghy. Sailors may bring their own boat or rent from WYC. USCG approved personal flotation device (PFD) (life jacket)


Sailors will work on developing skills outlined in the US Sailing Small Boat Sailor Certification Record Book through Page 11. (“The Little Red Book”)

Days and Times:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 1pm – 4pm

By the end of this class, sailor should be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate all skills from Advanced Beginner class
  • Demonstrate proper sail trim to point of sail and sail with telltales.
  • Demonstrate proper body position depending on point of sail and conditions
  • Demonstrate basic tactical awareness of wind shifts, currents and other boats
  • Demonstrate ability to sail a multiple point race course, including start line management, finding a layline, rounding marks and finishing
  • Sail and bail
  • Rigging:
  • Rig boat for a variety of sailing conditions
  • Demonstrate proper care of equipment.
  • Knots and Seamanship:
  • Demonstrate cleat hitch, coiling, figure eight, bowline, clove hitch.
  • Identify the commonly used nautical flags on a race course.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the Racing Rules of Sailing.