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A weekly recap from the Fleet Captain of the Beetle races over the season, and a few other items of interest.

Monday, September 6, 2021 (Labor Day)

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sunday, August 1, 2021 - and the Leo!

The last races of the 2021 season finally arrived on Labor Day.  The course, designed by Ted Sherman, included downwind starts, cross-pond legs, starboard mark roundings and other features brought back from the “traditional” days when racers used 5 preset marks in third pond to mix up the course legs and keep the races interesting.


With a brisk 15-20 knot Southwesterly breeze under sunny skies, the races were, in my opinion, the best all summer, unless you were the crew and didn’t like getting wet from the chop. Ten hopefuls showed up, nine started the first race (Sean and Rachel Roberston, anticipating a rough sail, wisely turned around) and during the first leg of the first race Julia Bradford’s mast broke and we were down to eight.


Race 1 started in Second Pond heading upwind, turned at Judges’ Rock and went downwind all the way to Shady Harbor’s Rock Island, then finished upwind at Nopes Island.  The fleet stayed relatively close until the last leg, when some of us took a less direct route.  Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford managed to beat out Bill and Liz Adams in a close finish, and Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski finished third.  Race 2 began with a tricky downwind start from Nopes, went around the Rock Island mark and back up to Nopes, and finished downwind at Rock Island.  The upwind leg spread out the fleet, led by Nonie and Adam, with Richard Chase and Anne Earle in second and Chuck Delamater sailing with his new crew Darlene Evans, placing third. Race 3 was a round-the-pond course – Rock Island upwind to Nopes, downwind to the mark at Shady Harbor, reaching across to Bill’s Island and back to Rock Island, turning upwind to Nopes and tacking across the pond to finish at Judges Rock.  Bill and Ginger horizoned everyone for first; Bill and Liz were second, Nonie and Lucas third, and Chuck and Darlene flipped when their main didn’t let out on a windy tack, to win the Davey Jones award.


Other winners were Bill Boll and Ginger, beating out Nonie and Lucas on a tiebreaker with two first places, and Bill and Liz Adams placing third.  Special thanks to Ted and Charlie Anthony for running the races, and to Rick Wiatrowski, who had a busy day on the crash boat.


If I can say anything about this season, it’s the growing sense of camaraderie of our group of racers, who have been showing up regularly for most every race.  Whether it was convoying to the Leo, getting the fleet out of Henri’s way, or just enjoying a beer after the Labor Day races, it’s been an enthusiastic, amiable group.  You would have seen Ted’s email after the races: “You are the true sailors of WYC on Quonnie Pond. You compete at a high level, and you love every minute.”


To be continued, in our new clubhouse, next season….






Well, the final races of the season were cancelled so that all hands could be available to pack up the clubhouse before Sunday’s tropical storm.  But we did have the Awards night! 


August’s results were quite thin, consisting of August 1st, where half the fleet was at the Leo, and August 18th, with two races sailed. So the throw-out rule meant that the entire August series was based on one race day.  And for the Leo participants, with the August 1st races scored as the “average” of their August 18th finishes, the entire August series was derived from the two races of August 18th.


And the winners for August are: Richard Chase and Anne Earle, with three firsts on August 1st, first.  Geri Abdoo and Lucas Wiatrowski, with 2.33 points, second.  And Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski, with 2.5 points, third.  (Remember, scores are by boat, not skipper, so Lucas’ second place in Geri’s boat on August 1st got her the trophy.)


The 2021 season results were based on a more reasonable seven races with one throw-out.  Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford took top honors, at 13.33 points.  Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski took second, with 15.17 points.  And Richard Chase and Anne Earle took third, with 22.08 points.


All the 2021 scores are posted on the Beetle Race Results page, for anyone interested in puzzling through them.


Congratulations to the trophy winners!  And congratulations to everyone who raced in this memorable 2021 season!


Which is not over yet!  See you all on Labor Day Monday, September 6th.




Nine boats raced today, once again in a light but this time steady southwesterly breeze.  We managed two relatively uneventful races before calling it so we could get back to the club, with help from some paddling crew, before the wind died completely.


Winners of the first race: Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski, first; Bill and Liz Adams, second; Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford, third.  Second race: Richard Chase and Anne Earle, first; Bill and Ginger, second; Bill and Liz, third.


Next Saturday is the last and final race of the series, and we get to fill in the asterisks of the Leo participants to see how we all made out.





Note: Race Results are posted for Optis, 420s and Beetles! (why this week’s report is late…)


Today’s races were cancelled after seven of the regular competitors drifted around for an hour waiting for some wind.  It showed up as a two-knot seabreeze.  We eventually called it a day and ran a “fun race”, around the windward mark (to starboard) and then direct to Judges Rock.  Eventually most of us lost patience and opted for tows; two completed the race under sail and one took a shortcut directly to the mooring field. Hopefully the experience didn’t disappoint the first-time crews for Julia Bradford (Molly) and Susan Kelly (Shaun).


This weekend the fleet split – five went to the Leo Telesmanick Centennial regatta, and four boats raced on the Pond.


The Leo at the Chatham Yacht Club on Pleasant Bay was the place to be this weekend – 75 boats were registered, and 69 participated.  If you want to see what a 69-boat Beetle race looked like, photographs by Paul Lamoreux (and an article from the Cape Cod Times) are on the CYC’s Telesmanick site; also Emily Ferguson posted to the Beetle Facebook page (check out the WYC team photo!) and after selecting the best pictures will be posting them for sale on her site at Lands Edge Photography.  Paul's collection is also on his site.

We ran four races Saturday and two on Sunday.  The course was a triangle windward-leeward, shortened to a triangle windward at for the last races of the two days.  The wind cooperated, giving the fleet a well-rounded workout from no wind to probably 20-25 or so (two broken masts and a capsize), and coming from both north and south.  It gave most boats in the fleet a range of finishes between the front and back of the fleet.  The mark roundings in the calmer races were particularly deadly for many, with occasional pileups of a dozen or more vociferous but helpless boats trying to get free of the crush.  Some did their spins; the less well-informed just grinned, but happily there were few actual protests.


Race results are posted on the CYC site.  Wild Harbor Yacht Club must have had some secret sauce to finish 1, 3 and 4 overall, led by Tim Fallon, who took five firsts and a second as his throw-out.  Tim was usually half-way to the first mark by the time the rest of us cleared the starting line.  The Weekapaug team did respectably, led by Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski in 14th place overall and capturing the trophy for finishing third in the Womens division.  Bill and Ginger Boll were 2 points behind them at 16th place, followed three points away by Bill and Liz Adams in 18th.   I and Amy Wiatrowski, in 35th place, captured the Ancient Mariners division, besting all the 70+ sailors.  Carol Carmody and Susan Kelly wisely sat out the two heavy Saturday afternoon blows, finishing 55th overall.


The best part of the event was the Saturday dinner, with 200 happy Beetle-nuts under a tent on an expansive lawn at the tip of Nickersons Neck on the south side of Pleasant Bay on a picture-perfect evening.  I gained a better appreciation of how close-knit a community our Beetle owners are, and how much history and tradition owning a Beetle represents.  Our special guests included George Kirby, a 7th generation owner of Kirby Paint Co. (including my favorite Kirby Blue), and it only makes sense that this 175 year-old business is our 100-year old business’ supplier of choice.  Bill Womack (who told us his story) and Michelle are the anchors of a still-thriving enterprise of sailors who are passionate about racing these antiques.  Roy Terwilliger, the 87-year old Elder of the Fleet, said it best – he had never imagined he would still be around for the 100th celebration, but he was always sure that Beetle would be.


Meanwhile, back on the Pond, a small but spirited group turned out to race on Sunday, and after acknowledging our fellow competitors who were at the Leo, settled in for some spirited racing.  Four boats showed up featuring an old salt Ray Cox, who returned to sail with Julia and a newcomer Luis Alonso from Stonington who sailed on our pond for the first time, crewing for Zack Wingerter- Lieberman. After sailing, Luis said he loved the pond and thought it was a beautiful place to sail. 


The racing was unique in that both the starting line and the finish line were very long and tough to cross on starboard tack.  In the first race, Ray and Julia started on starboard tack at the pin with Rick Chase and Anne Earle ducking their stern and taking a page from Steve, starting on port tack.  Zack and Lucas Wiatrowski started in the middle of the line on starboard tack.  Rick and Anne proceeded down the pond on port tack to the starboard layline while Ray and Julia, Lucas, and Zack proceeded to the windward shore before tacking back.  When they met at the windward mark, Rick and Anne rounded first followed by Lucas then Ray and Julia and then Zack.  The finish order was the same.  The second race started relatively the same with Julia and Ray crossing the line on starboard and tacking to port right after the start, while Rick and Anne started on port tack ducking their stern once again.  All four boats headed down the pond on port tack racing to the starboard layline.  Rick and Anne arrived there first followed by Ray and Julia, Lucas and then Zack. And they proceeded around the course in that order to the finish.  The third race was similar to the others with a minor wind switch that allowed the windward mark to be reached with a short starboard tack. Once again, the order around the mark was Rick and Anne then Lucas followed by Ray and Julia.  Zach and Luis did not start the third race. 

All told everyone had a great day.


Reported by Richard Chase and Anne Earle


The “gap” race was held before the awards night, so let’s get to that first. 


The forecast called for heavy winds and rain, but the Race Committee said go, and six teams of hardy sailors showed up planning to reef.  We delayed the start till the rain stopped, and raced in second pond.  As we were rigging the wind decided to fool the forecasts, and by the time we reached the line it had dropped to a manageable 10-15 southwesterly.  Only two boats ended up reefing.  So except for the reefed boats, the first race went fast (course 5,) and the competition was, again, shoreside.  Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski beat Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford for first, and Lucas Wiatrowski, helming (while Geri took pictures,) came in third.  The wind dropped even more for race two (all reefs were out), which was won by Bill and Ginger, with Lucas and Geri in second and Nonie and Adam in third.  The wind decided to pick back up again for the third race, to give the racers more variety.  Bill and Ginger won again, and Lucas and Geri nosed out Steve Glovinsky and Amy Wiatrowski for second. 


Quoting Carol Carmody, “Got a little bit of everything thrown at us, but what a fun afternoon it turned out to be.”


The Awards Dinner


The new scoring system and no weekly postings kept the racers in suspense about July’s hardware-earners.  But when it was over Bill and Ginger took first honors after factoring in the throw-out day, with a total of 7 points adding up best three average scores.  Nonie and Adam took a close second, at 7.5 points, and Jason Gefaell and his crewfamily – winning every race on July 4th and 11th and a second place in one race on the 18th – came in third overall with 10 points.  The July 4th results were also announced – Jason Gefaell and crewfamily took first, Nonie and Adam second, and Richard Chase and Ann Earle won third.  Congratulations to all the winners!

The "Race Results" page now has the complete July results for the Beetle Series - check it out!



We come to the final races of the July series…


With the wind a steady 10-15 from the southwest we were able to get in four races.  Nine boats started, sailing course 5.  A consistent breeze and the high level of the competition kept the races close; the favorite route for the day was a long shoreside leg and a few tacks across to the top mark.  In the first race Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford beat out Jason Gefaell and his crewmates at the finish, followed by Geri Abdoo sailing with Lucas Wiatrowski in third.  Jason’s streak of successes ended with a rudder problem, and Sean Robertson and his crew/family also dropped out, leaving seven boats in contention.


The next three races were also easily won by Bill and Ginger.  Geri and Lucas continued to sail well, taking second in the second and third races, and another third in the last race.  Nonie Price, sailing with Adam Wiatrowski, placed third in race two and second in race four.  Carol Carmody and Susan Kelly captured third in race three.


We will find out who takes the July Series at the Awards Night Dinner next Sunday, after competing in the “extra” race day (that counts for the season but not for either month.)



The third Sunday of the July series was another great racing day with a gentle but variable south/southwesterly breeze, which kept the races interesting.  Nine boats participated; the regulars welcoming Cabot Earle and his crew Elliot. 


With the light winds only two races were sailed, on a course 5 (W-L-W).  The first race split the fleet, with pin-side starts heading shoreside and committee boat starters going right.  Shoreside beat pondside to the upwind mark but the lead narrowed downwind as the breeze freshened from the back of the fleet (every leaders’ nightmare). The leaders held on this time – Jason Gefaell and family winning again, Cabot and Elliot taking second (nice going!), and Steve Glovinsky (me!), Amy Wiatrowski and a new sail taking third.


The start of the second race found Steve and Amy alone at the pin, so Steve went for his trusty port tack start, which finally worked!  He chased Jason around the course, as Jason’s crew hung out and did kid things, eventually winning his sixth consecutive first place. Steve/Amy finished second, far ahead of the rest of the fleet; Nonie and Adam came in third.


One Sunday left in the series…



The second races of the July series were also the July 4th trophy.  Conditions were cold and cloudy and a perfect, relatively steady 10-15 mph WSW breeze.   Nine boats came out, including another newcomer in the club boat, Arthur Sheehan and his nephew Beckett.  We sailed course 5 (windward-leeward-windward.) 


All three races proceeded smoothly (other than a protest, which was thrown out,) with most of the fleet staying shore-side but a few finding luck going pond-side.  Jason Gefaell, sailing with his two junior crew members, sailed away from the fleet in all three races to easily win the day and the trophy.  Jason was followed in the first race by Richard and Ann in second and Nonie and Adam in third; in the second race by Nonie and Adam, second, and Bill and Ginger, third; and in the third race Nonie and Adam, second, and Arthur and Beckett, third. 


By Amy and my reckoning, the winners of the July 4th Champions were Jason & crew, first, Nonie and Adam second, and Richard and Ann third.  Congratulations!



It’s officially the 2021 racing season!  The first race of the July series was bumped into June this year, as the club will close a week early to make way for the construction of the new boathouse.


But first - The new race scoring system (proposed at the Skippers' Meeting):

  • The racing schedule is modified to have four races in July (June 27, July 4, 11 and 18) and four races in August (1, 8, 15, 21.)  The race on July 25 will count for the season but not for either month.

  • The day’s scoring will be based on the average of the finishes of each race.  ​This means that all race days are considered equal irrespective of the number of races run.

  • The month’s scoring will be based on the average of three races, with the worst score thrown out.

  • The season’s scoring will be based on the average of eight races, with the worst score thrown out.  In other words, you get one throw-out for each month and only one throw-out for the season.

  • In cases where month or season scores are tied, the tie-breaker would be the number of firsts, then seconds, etc. If this method does not break the tie, then the tie stands.

  • Boats participating in the Leo or other sanctioned races will apply the average of all fleet races sailed that month to determine the day’s score.  This would encourage people to participate in these events since they would not be penalized.

Sunday's Races: The season opened with a fresh, steady southwesterly breeze on a windward-leeward-windward course.  Seven regulars started, as well as our newcomers Sean, Rachel and Cicely Roberston, who shadowed the fleet.  For the first race the fleet split shore-side and pond-side, but converged at the top mark, and stayed relatively close throughout.  It was won by Bill Boll and Ginger Crawford, with Nonie Price and Adam Wiatrowski second and Carol Carmody and Susan Kelly third.  The second race saw some drama, with Geri Abdoo and Lucas Wiatrowski pulling out due to a cracked mast, and a tense finish as the wind stalled just as Carol and Susan, Richard Chase and Anne Earle and Bill and Ginger were fighting to finish second behind Nonie and Adam.  Carol/Susan made it over, coming in second, and Bill/Ginger – somehow recovering from a delayed Over Early call – placed third.  The third race saw a tangle at the windward mark, with racers misjudging the layline due to the outgoing tide.  Bill and Ginger won, Nonie and Adam placed second, and Richard and Anne came in third.

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