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January 3, 2018


Dear Boat Owners and Mooring Owners,


Happy New Year!! As I write this letter, it is all of 15 degrees outside and windy.

It does not look like it will be above freezing for a week. Summer cannot come soon enough.


The season ahead has already raised a few challenges for your Harbor Master. Some mooring owners have decided not to rent out their moorings and will be using the mooring themselves this year. Also, some boat owners have upgraded their boats to bigger ones. This means that more boats will need to rent moorings than we may have available for rent in our harbor.


As a mooring owner, please let me know if you will be using your mooring or not. If you are using your mooring, please let me know the size of your boat, and if you will be using the mooring all summer or only for part of the summer.


If you need to rent a mooring please let me what size boat you have and what part of the summer do you need a mooring. For power boats, please include the type of boat, size, name of the boat and the registration number. For sailboats, please include the type of boat, deck color, topside color and the name of the boat. All of this information helps us take inventory and contact you if we have questions.


Also, please let me know who will be launching your boat, i.e. the Ocean House, Connors and O’Brien, Beetle Cat Boat Inc, or yourself, so that I can contact them as to what mooring to use for your boat.


I will be working with Mike Roy, who inspects and maintains our moorings, to accommodate as many boats as possible.


I realize that most of this information has been provided in the past but, we are updating our spreadsheet and would appreciate your quick response to this request.


Charlie Anthony

Harbor Master, Weekapaug Yacht Club